Azealia Banks Gets Trippy In 'Atlantis' Video

By Miranda Johnson

If you thought it would be impossible to combine both an underwater kingdom with a futuristic Tron-like virtual grid in one video, Azealia Banks has proven you wrong, with the premiere of her wacky “Atlantis” clip from her recent mixtape Fantasea. With some out of this world visuals, Azealia manages to pull off the unthinkable in the video.

Throwing in everything from digitally perfected dolphins to a vast galaxy, Banks definitely branches into a lane of her own in this one. Decked out in an interesting ensemble and bestowing herself "Jupiter queen," the Harlem spitta takes viewers on a journey from Atlantis to New York and then around the galaxy as she sports a green horn-formed hairstyle.

All the swirling backdrops, floating objects, and flashing lights are sure to “take your brain to another dimension” as promised.