Skylar Grey And Eminem Hit The Trailer Park For 'C'Mon Let Me Ride' Video

Skylar Grey's major label debut Don't Look Down is executive produced by Eminem, and he's featured on the album's first single "C'Mon Let Me Ride." The two have already shot a video for the track, which Grey says will show off a more sarcastic side of her personality, and this week she shared a few stills from the set.

The video was shot in Detroit a few weeks ago and is expected to debut in December. "Ever since we started working together, I've been playing him some of my music, and he just slowly became more involved, so we made it official," Grey  told MTV News, after it was announced that Em would oversee her album.

" 'C'mon Let Me Ride' is sarcastic, because I'm making fun of how the media really over-sexualizes everything," she added. "That's where the inspiration comes from. There's pieces of [the song and video] that are sarcastic, because I'm a very serious person most of the time, but there's also parts of it that show who I really am versus who a lot of other girls are. It shows the contrast.