50 Cent And Slim The Mobster Trade Insults on Twitter

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

No stranger to social media beef, 50 Cent is currently in a Twitter tiff with LA rapper Slim The Mobster. This weekend, Slim tweeted a slew of jabs at Fiddy including, "You got dropped twice b4 marshall saved you let's not forget u can't walk your block without getting sweated" and "That n---- signed two trans-gender artist ......gggggggay unit ...." because he feels that his music was stolen.

"I'm filing a 20million dollar lawsuit for the music yo stole you bitch you ...." Slim shared.

50 eventually responded but without actually @replying Slim in tweets like "Yo what's that boy name,DRE Dropped him off after math he got a big ass A on his back LMAO. SMSaudio" and "That was your 15 min of fame .moving on#SMSaudio."

This isn't the first time the two rappers have gotten into it. This summer, Slim blasted 50 in a string of tweets in which he called him gay and accused him of working with the FEDS. "@drdre said not to build my career off beef but f--- he's a bitch ass n---- and got the Feds watching hip hop...."

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