Game's 'Cough Up A Lung' Diss Prompts Shyne Response

The Game- "Cough up a Lung" New York Freestyle from Taydoe Kidd on Vimeo.

This weekend Game debuted his "Cough Up A Lung" freestyle as part of his series "The Offering," complete with some snowy visuals filmed in New York. The freestyle finds him mocking Shyne (his hair and legal troubles, among other things) for the shots he took at Kendrick Lamar, and the former Bad Boy rapper didn't waste any time in responding.

“Now that I’ve got everybody’s attention, let’s address this bitch ass n---- going at Kendrick/Say the album’s trash, ni--- you full of gas/Poke holes in you, let you fill up a New York cab," Game spits over the beat for "Holy Water." His freestyle also includes some words for nemesis 40 Glocc, but Shyne got the jump on responding, in an interview with StreetkodeMedia via AllHipHop.

Shyne says he was unaware of Game's affiliation with Kendrick (“I didn’t even know the Lamar kid was cool with him like that. If I had knew he was cool with him like that, I might not of said nothing") and he also took a little credit for Game's career. “I always got love for Game, that's my son, he’s something that I helped create,” he said. “He studied me and aspired to be like me. He seen a street guy that was really off the block, that was really bout that life. I got a lot of love for him, I look at him like a little brother. But sometimes your little brother do things that don’t make no sense.” Right.

This obviously isn't the last exchange we'll hear between Game and Shyne. Game's Jesus Piece album arrives December 11.