Local News Mistakes Will.i.am For Wyclef And Wale On Election Night

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Do all rappers look alike? A local news blooper has gone viral involving the misidentification of Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am. On Tuesday night (November 6)  reporting from Barack Obama's headquarters in Chicago, WSVN's Blake Burman mistakenly introduced will.i.am as Wyclef and later as Wale. Yes, this actually happened.

"That's Wyclef Jean giving an interview," he said as the camera panned to the right. Someone off camera quickly tried to correct the I.D. fail with an even more hilarious mislabel. "Wale! Excuse me. Wale. Got my artists mixed up," Blake tried to recover. "will.i.am. Good grief I am tired," he finally conceded. "I got it on the third time guys."

Back in the newsroom, Blake's colleagues seemed to be laughing at his expense. Unfortunately his co-anchor then dubbed will.i.am as part of the "Black Eyed Tees."

MTV News was on hand at Obama headquarters with will.i.am last night when President Barack Obama was re-elected as commander in chief. "I've been going to all the debates, and the media does a pretty good job of staying unbiased throughout the whole thing and keeping their distance," MTV News producer Matt Harper said. "This is the first time I saw, when the results were called, media people who had been with the campaign for a while hugging each other. I don't know if they were relieved because the election was over or ... it looked like a lot of happiness."