President Obama Re-elected: Hip-Hop Community Rejoices On Twitter

By Maurice Bobb

When Jay-Z joined President Barack Obama in the battleground state of Ohio to wrap up the POTUS’ campaign, it cemented hip-hop’s influence in the presidential race. So it came as no surprise that some of rap’s biggest superstars celebrated as President Obama beat out Mitt Romney for re-election last night.

One of the first to congratulate the President was Young Jeezy. The “My President is Black” MC took to Twitter before the election was called to drop his latest track in support of the POTUS, “We Done It Again” and the following message: “Yeahhhhhhh! WE DONE IT AGAIN! Shout out @BarackObama!!!”

Fittingly, before releasing the song calling for those that helped elect the first ever African-American president in 2008 to “claim victory” for his re-election, Jeezy dropped the following inspirational salvo: “To every ghetto in the world. In 2008 we celebrated history with “My President” is black. In 2012, I want Barack to know we got his back and “We Done It Again." We don’t wait for history, we claim victory!"

Other notable hip-hip kings to congratulate the President were Diddy, who tweeted, “It feels even better the second time around!!!! #obama2012” and LL Cool J, who referenced his fourth studio album and single, “Mama Said Knock You Out,” released in 1990, in a TwitPic with the accompanying message: “Don't call it a comeback he's been here 4 years.”

Pusha T was more calculating with his kudos, referencing the 13 electoral votes Obama picked up from winning his home state of Virginia via this tweet: “Another 4 in the black house! YEAH VA!!”

Wiz Khalifa tweeted in kind, following up the President’s crucial pickup of Ohio’s 20 electoral votes with this tweet: “Four more years brahh." Amber Rose’s baby father’s tweet was also a likely dig at pundit and leader of a huge conservative Super PAC Karl Rove, who refused to concede the President’s victory in Ohio with incessantly futile number crunching and defiance that he even directed towards Fox News colleagues.

Meek Mill, who currently holds the No. 2 spot on Billboard with 165,000 copies of his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, sold, gave his shout out to the POTUS for inspiring him: “S/o 2 #obama the only man that made me believe anything is possible.... Gave me hope!” After Romney took his time to deliver his concession speech, Meek offered up an entrance song for the President to use for his acceptance speech: “#obama shoulda played #imaboss after he won tonight! Lol”

Of course, the POTUS’ biggest Twitter cosign came from Hov this morning. Shawn Carter kept it simple by retweeting the following tweet from his website, Life + Times: “44's Four (More).”