Beyonce Celebrates Obama Win And Joins Instagram

In the days leading up to the election Beyonce made an extra effort to show her support for a now re-elected President Obama, sporting gold hoop earrings with his name on it, and posting a gushing note on her Tumblr account, and all of this continued right through election night. Bey joined Instagram to push her influence even further, then celebrated Obama's win with new posts on her Tumblr account.

Beyonce made her first appearance on Instagram on Tuesday night (November 6) under the username BaddieBey, posting a snapshot of herself wearing a shirt printed with "Texans for Obama," simply writing to fans, "Hey Instagram, it's me Bey."

Earlier in the day Beyonce had posted photos of herself on Tumblr hitting the polls in an effort to encourage fans to vote, and when Obama was re-elected she didn't waste any time adding some new photos to celebrate the win. Two of the new photos were self-portraits, showing off those "Obama" gold earrings, but "Take That Mitches" was our favorite.

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