Kid Cudi Takes King Chip On A Trippy Ride In 'Just What I Am' Video

By Jennifer Fortune

Kid Cudi is back with the new video for “Just What I Am," which is the lead single off his third album, Indicud. The track features Cleveland rapper King Chip and is directed by Cudder himself.

The clip takes viewers on a stoned-filled ride around town with Cudi driving a shiny red Cadillac and Chip riding shotgun. The pair then ends up at a house party filled with guests and of course red cups. What makes the video stand out are the trippy special effects, with images coming in and out of focus, making the whole thing appear to be one hazy blur.

“Just What I am” of course references two of Cudi’s favorite things; Mary Jane, and alcohol but it also dives deeper into the rapper’s heart and mind. He addresses a few personal issues that are troubling him and confesses that his life is not all about partying, smiles, and sunshine.

Cudi is definitely excited about his upcoming album, tweeting recently, “mark my words, INDICUD will be the greatest album ever made.” We're waiting Cudi.