Lil Wayne Loses $2.2 Million To Quincy Jones III In Lawsuit

Lil Wayne didn't take his deposition too seriously (and we thank him for the entertainment) but the $2 million he has to cough up after losing his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III will probably sober him up...just a little.

According to TMZ, Wayne was ordered to pay Jones $2.2 million based on the countersuit which stated that the rapper blocked the release of his film, "The Carter," therefore infringing on its profits. The lawsuit made unintentional headlines last month when video of the Young Money boss' apathetic and dismissive behavior toward his lawyer during a videotaped deposition leaked online.

The tapes, released by TMZ last month, inspired thousands of posts on social media referencing Wayne's "hilarious" deposition. The judge overseeing the lawsuit at the time was not at all entertained by the videos, however, and admonished the Young Money CEO for his display of "unreasonable conduct in the deposition" and "irresponsible behavior."

The rapper, born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., originally sued Jones over what he called the director's "scandalous portrayal" of him in "The Carter," a 2009 documentary about the multiplatinum artist's life. Wayne also sued over the alleged unauthorized use of his music for the film.

In addition to his legal troubles, Weezy has been recovering from a health scare last month that required an emergency landing of the MC's private jet in Texas. Early reports that Wayne had suffered multiple seizures were put to rest when the rapper's reps released a statement that he had been successfully treated for a "severe migraine and dehydration." Wayne later took to Twitter to announce that he was "good" and thanked everyone for their prayers. He is reportedly still recovering at his mother's home in Louisiana.