Young Juve Defends Himself After Fight Caught On Video

By Maurice Bobb

Two decades after KRS-One warned everyone that hip-hop was headed for self-destruction; young spitters like Young Juve are fulfilling the prophecy. This week a video surfaced from WorldStarHipHop via The YBF showing Juvenile’s 19-year old son, Demetrius Gray, stomping on an apparently defenseless woman in an Orlando parking lot.

Reports indicate that the second-generation MC, who plans to release Son of a Hot Boy on November 21, got into an altercation after a Halloween party he threw. According to Juve’s Twitter, a couple assaulted his mother and sister and he was forced to defend them.

"That sh-- wasn't even like that n----  hit my moms and my sister and got his ass beat end of the story. Family first f--- all lat other sh---." In the viral video, Gray can be seen stomping on a woman, while someone drags her along the ground by her hair. Anticipating fallout from the attack, Juve took to Twitter to brace himself for the impending negative reactions:

Nigga popping sh--  and don't even what really happen but it's all good cuz," he wrote on TK. He followed that tweet with an eerie message that harkens back to a Biblical reference for retribution in Matthew 5:38: "An Eye for an Eye."

Juve’s attack comes just a week after Chief Keef cohort Lil Reese was seen attacking a young woman under a different set of circumstances. That video went viral and the GBE representer blamed “haters” for its release. The Chicagoan later apologized for assaulting the young woman via Twitter writing the following message: "Everybdy makes mistakes I was out of charcter & ive grown sense then Dont judge me for my past i can admit my wrongs and I apologize.#3hunna"

No word yet on the validity of Juve’s claims (via a tweet that has since been erased) that he was arrested for the melee as calls to the Orlando Police Department have not yet been returned at press time.