UK Video Of The Week: Benny Banks - 'Trouble'

By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

Artist Name: Benny Banks

Location: London, UK

Musical Style: Emotive party-starter

No, it’s not Mac Miller (don’t act like you never had to take a second look at the picture). This white boy rapper is, in fact, north London's rising rap star, Benny Banks. Well-known in the UK rap scene for his reflective lyrics, Banks also knows how to get a party started when he’s ready.

679/Warner signed the twenty-something-year-old in November 2011, and his raw take on hip-hop has, surprisingly, been embraced by most of the UK’s toffee-nosed music critics ever since. Not allowing himself to become a token "urban" act in the pop music arena, Benny Banks has vowed to keep the hood at heart with every release. His latest track, Trouble – which features an Amy Winehouse sample – lives up to that promise.

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