Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Suit Up As Star Wars Characters

By Miranda Johnson

As you may know, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West maintained a decade long friendship before attempting to have a committed relationship. And for “Throwback Thursday” (October 25) Kim fished out a photo from their rooted history, tweeting a 4-year-old photo of Yeezy and herself suited up as “Star Wars” characters.

Captioned “Throwback Thursday me & Yeezy 2008," the photo shows her dressed as Princess Leia with Kanye taking on the role of Stormtrooper. Looks like the two even enjoyed each other’s company way back then. The photo stems from a skit the then friends shot for a Comedy Central pilot that never got picked up. However, by the looks of the photo which depicts Kim and Ye’ accompanied by a Muppet along with what looks like a rowdy crowd, whatever was going on seems to have been quite funny.

Fast forward to the present, and these two are still turning head with their outfits, as the stylish duo stole the show

earlier this week at the 16th annual Angel Ball. Kim’s deep cut blue gown paired with Yeezy’s classic black suit had all eyes on them at the cancer research charity event.

With all this costume talk and Halloween just a few days away, we wonder what the couple with dress up as this year...