Meek Mill Was Open To Jay-Z's Critiques Of Dreams And Nightmares

When you're Meek Mill, on the verge of dropping your debut studio album, being open to criticism and input from a veteran like Jay-Z can never hurt.

The Maybach Music Group MC is not only signed to Rick Ross, but his career is managed by Jay-Z's Roc Nation outfit as well. "It just gives you motivation and confidence," the Philadelphia flame spitter told "RapFix Live" on Wednesday.

Meek's debut Dreams & Nightmares will be released on October 30, but in the months leading up to the drop, the 25-year old lyricist has had the chance to play the LP for Hov, who gave both an honest critique and some encouragement. "I always sit down with Jay-Z sometimes and play my album. The way I deal with people, I like to deal personally with people," he said of his relationship with Jigga. "He likes me as a person I guess, so I get to come through, play a little music for him here and there like that."

Jay isn't a yes-man, however, and in an effort to assist the "I'ma Boss" rapper on his debut, the veteran MC had no problem giving his honest opinion. Meek recalled a particular track he played for Jay that didn't quite hit the mark. " 'Don't even worry about that joint, go to the next one,' " Mill remembered Jay saying about the unnamed song.

"Hov will mess up your whole confidence," he continued. "That joint might not even make the album no more because you got a great like that telling you [no]."

For Meek, the guidance is a blessing. He understands that not every emerging rap star can have accomplished artists like Ross and Jigga in their corner to bounce ideas off. "It just feels good to have somebody at that status, at that level to recognize your talent," he said. "It just gives you more confidence, motivation."