Shyne Hates The Beats On Kendrick Lamar's Album

Can someone get Shyne his own streaming web show? Because this man sure has a lot to say. Kendrick Lamar’s Interscope debut good kid, m.A.A.d city has been out for less than a week and already it’s in the conversation for best hip-hop album of the year, but boy does Shyne disagree. After taking to Twitter to call the album “trash” earlier this week, he did an interview with Grime Daily Media just to clarify what he means, and why he stands by it.

“I just wanna make it clear, when it comes to Kendrick Lamar’s new album. I feel Kendrick Lamar has great potential and he’s talented and he can make a classic album,” Shyne begins, addressing the “cyber geeks” out there who have been disagreeing with him on Twitter. “I wholeheartedly believe that, but GKMC is not that—it’s trash.”

“Part of making a great album is you have to have everything. That’s what makes Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan. I just feel Good Kid didn’t deliver that, the beats was trash. So once the beats I trash, where do we go from there? I don’t really wanna listen to what you gotta say. If that’s the case I could listen to cornel west or some spoken language album.”

What else? He goes on to reference artists like Tupac, Kanye West and Jay-Z who he respects for balancing the lyrical content with the right beats. “There’s been mad dudes that was nice, they got the crazy wordplay and the crazy content and say profound indepth things—listen B that’s not what it’s about. The album is trash. They hyped him up and I was looking forward to a great record, I was looking forward to being inspired. I love to see young brothers accomplish and set the standard and push the envelope, but I’m just giving my honest opinion.”

Shyne recently dropped his Gangland mixtape.