Whitney Houston's Family Reality Series 'On Our Own': Episode 1 Recap

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Whitney Houston's family tries to pick up the pieces following the singer's tragic passing in the debut episode of "The Houstons: On Our Own" which aired on Wednesday night (October 24). The show revolves around Whitney's descendants: 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, Nick Gordon (family friend and Bobbi's boyfriend), Pat Houston (Whitney's sister-in-law and manager), Gary Houston (Whitney's brother and Pat's husband), Rayah Houston (Pat and Gary's daughter) and Cissy Houston (Whitney's mother).

The episode revolves around the family spending their first Mother's Day without Whitney and grappling with their loss. Another key plot line is the much talked-about relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick, whom she says she's "in love with."

The romance garnered tremendous media outcry as many thought that Nick was actually Whitney's adopted son. "It really bothers me that everybody has our relationship screwed up," corrects Nick to the camera. "I was never adopted [by Whitney] nor am I her[Bobbi Kristina's] blood brother. We just really care about each other." The lovebirds walk around hand-in-hand and drop the bomb that they're engaged (Bobbi is wearing Whitney's old ring as her engagement ring). "How do you go from being her brother to being her boyfriend?" a perplexed Gary asks. "Engagement? No. I'm speechless," says Pat.

The news shocks the family and to make matters worse, they're concerned about Bobbi Kristina's underage drinking. "It's very difficult to deal with her [Bobbi} because the world is so involved in our family," says Pat. "I don't want to fail Krissy and I don't want Krissy to fail herself."

Bobbi also reveals that she's "ready" to launch her own music career. "I gotta do it for Mom. I gotta come out killing them," she shares with her cousin and producer Damon.

The episode ends with the family and grandmother Cissy coming together for a Mother's Day brunch. The no-nonsense Cissy doesn't seem to approve of the relationship. "Let us pray that everybody finds their way," she says. Finally, the family visits Whitney's gravesite for the first time in an emotionally numb moment. "This feeling is completely surreal, says Bobbi Kristina.