What's The Best Song On Kendrick Lamar's m.A.A.d city Album?

Selecting the "best" track on any given album would be difficult seeing that opinion factors heavily into the choice, but it seems like fans certainly have a favorite from Kendrick Lamar's debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city. And that includes fellow artists like Lupe Fiasco, who wrote on Twitter Monday, "Sing About Me is the personal favorite...Masterpeice.." Yesterday K Dot polled fans about their favorite album cuts, see what a few of them had to say below.

@T_Shepp21  when the light shine off and its my turn, to settle down my main concern. #promise that you will sing about me

The Art Of Peer Pressure, Real, Sing about me, I'm dying of thirst !! RT @kendricklamar: What's your favorite song from #GKMC.?”

@Jay_Wyse  Yo "Sing About Me" is hella deep...and I great concept!

"@Hit_Boy: 'Sing about me' is my current favorite song on GKMC. Incredible." + plus Lupe

@DeeEmcee82  I got a couple homie. I'm stuck on MONEY TREES, SING ABOUT ME AND DYING OF THIRST right now.

@Kid_Wavyy  Easily sing about me, dyin of thirst #GKMC you made a classic masterpeice after just the first 6 and a half mins. Keep it up

@StephenOlivarez All of them are dope! My favorite is Sing About me / Dying of Thirst

@JCMurray3 @kendricklamar: Whats your favorite song off #GKMC.?” 1) Sing about me/dying of thirst. 2) black boy fly 3) poetic justice 4) peer pressure

@REAL_We1rdK7d @kendricklamar my favourite song is "Sing about me/Im dying of thirst", but the whole album is JUST BEAST!!!!! #GKMC

@BUCKFitchess Every one of @KendrickLamar songs is chained together... Sick. How Keishas song & Swimming pools is referenced in Sing About Me...

@JermaineShawn  @kendricklamar "sing about me" something about those gunshots and when that girl faded away

@miss_charvey @kendricklamar every song is a bangerrr!! Sing about me, im dyin of thirst fuckin musical genius!!!!! #GKMC #love

@KetsFan  My favorite #GKMC song? Three-way tie between Backseat Freestyle, Money Trees, and Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst.

@j_owens13  @kendricklamar Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst is unreal...

?@elisophia2  @kendricklamar Sing About Me. Its a masterpiece, thank you for the entire album..greatness.

@robert_mudd  @kendricklamar toss up between "good kid" and "sing about me, im dying of thirst"

@matthew_gerrish @kendricklamar sing about me. Them 12 minutes of bars are too dope!!!!