Game Shocks Fans With Jesus Piece Album Cover

The Game is no stranger to controversy and he's at it again with the artwork for his new album Jesus Piece. The religious-themed cover showcases Jesus Christ personified like the rapper, wearing a red bandana, sparkling gold chain and teardrop tattoo on his face, amid a stained glass backdrop with marijuana leaves and palm trees.

The Twitterverse has been in a frenzy over the weekend since the artwork dropped. Some applauded The Game for his creativity. "This artwork is Brilliant!!!" said rapper Busta Rhymes, while NBA player Paul George tweeted, "The big homie @thegame album cover hard as ship!"

Others cry that it's sacrilegious and that The Game is doing it merely for attention. "The Game "Jesus Piece" album cover is just disrespectful to Jesus in every way! smh!" said a fan, and another added, "Wow @thegamelooking for attention with his #jesuspiececover... "

One self-professed religious fan put it this way, "People need to lay off @thegame I'm a Chirstian and not offended at all by the cover, its creative & I cannot wait for the album."

The Game himself seemed unfazed and even retweeted several of his detractors. The new album is slated for release on December 11th.