Wyclef Jean Says His Speedo Picture Was Old

By Victoria McCarthy

Banana hammocks have happened to respected men in the past; Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Beckham, Harrison Ford, and even Rod Stewart have rocked speedos, some more successfully than others, but there is one face we never expected to be attached to the speedo: Wyclef Jean.

However, fans of the former Fugees frontman were, er, treated to this sight last week, when Clef tweeted a picture of himself, stripped down, oiled up and straddling a Ducati. Alongside the image, which he posted on his 43rd birthday, was this caption “TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U can’t keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!”

This morning, Monday (October 22) Wyclef dropped by The Breakfast Club for an interview, and found him defending the revealing portrait. “Just to clarify, the pic with the speedo, that’s an old pic,” said the Haitian-American rapper,” I’m part of this bike club… Wyclef bike club wore speedos at the time. That photo is actually from an old photo shoot and those photos are actually up on Facebook and Instagram… I said I turned 43, I feel 26 based off that photo shot that I had done.”

Leave it to Wyclef to remind us to stay young at heart. But remember gents, when snapping a speedo-motorcycle-body oil snapshot, remember to wear your helmets