Joe Budden Isn't Upset About Slaughterhouse's Album Sales

By Maurice Bobb

No Slaughterhouse appearance is complete without Joe Budden. So when the Shady Records’ crew hit "RapFix Live" sans its most enigmatic member, it was only right that he be given another invitation to hit the red sofa with Sway. During the first segment, Sway flashed back to his group mates’ appearance and their thoughts on Joey’s savvy social media stylings on the Internets.

“We all have our own nuances, mines are just a tad bit more public than theirs and I don’t mind that,” Joey told Sway on "RapFix Live." “I probably go out my way to make it that way so when you meet me, you know what you’re getting.”

The Jersey City bred MC then confirmed the rumors that he and model girlfriend Kaylin Garcia will join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop” this upcoming season. When asked if his wifey, who he’s made an Instagram celebrity, was on set with him, Joe replied, “I’m not nowhere without her.”

Sway then acknowledged that Joe was one of the most interesting rappers to watch via social media outside of Lil Wayne and Kanye West. “I don’t think you’ll find more than five people that are interesting,” Joe said.

When a viewer tweeted the rapper a question during the broadcast inquiring about the welcome to: OUR HOUSE skit on whether or not he viewed himself as a success, Joe responded by citing his humble beginnings.

“Hell yeah, hell yeah,” Joey told the "RapFix Live" viewer. “I mean, when you coming from where we came from and I’m not even talking about in music, we’ve all had our rough times in the music business, who hasn’t? But we came from the extremely humble beginnings, so the fact that Eminem thought that highly of our skills to pick up the phone, we could have ended it there and I would’ve thanked God and woke up to see what he had in store.”

While acknowledging that the sales of Slaughterhouse’s debut album could have been bigger than what they were, Joe let on that he was at peace with the numbers.

“I grow more and more alright with it as the days go on because I’m able to put it in perspective,” Joe told RapFix Live. “When I put it into perspective, 50k in a week…not much radio presence, not much television presence, it spoke volumes and just to keep it all the way funky, and for the core fan base angry still going out there and 50k strong purchased it? I still believe it to be a great album. Next time around, we’ll do some things a lil differently.”