Ladies, Michelle Obama Has Something To Say To You

By Henna Kathiya

With the elections right around the corner Michelle Obama and Ann Romney have been bringing their A-game to the campaign. In addition to many TV appearances, both wives are extending their campaigns to the print world. Michelle wrote an open letter in Elle’s November issue encouraging readers to vote for her husband.

“When I fell in love with Barack more than 20 years ago ... I knew he shared my determination to make a difference in other people's lives. But I never dreamed that he'd one day be president," she said in the opening of her letter.

She goes on to list five reasons as to why readers should vote for her husband. Given that her audience is mostly women, she leans towards women's equality, Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and women's rights.

Although the first lady focuses mostly on policy, she also makes sure to show the softer side of her husband, portraying him as a loveable and kind to make him more relatable to readers. “And I want you to know that the man I have loved for more than two decades—the man who has worked so hard for so long to move this country forward—is looking out for you every day,” she says.

Ann Romney has also been campaigning on her end, with a similar approach to her interview with Good Housekeeping where she talks about falling in love with Mitt and his goofy nature.

Both wives are determined to show their husbands as devoted husbands to show the public that they are not just politicians but also normal people with families like everyone else.

In addition to her open letter in Elle the First Lady has also been featured in Redbook, Latina magazine, People en Español, Women's Healthand Us Weekly, and the New York Times.