Wyclef, What's Up With That Picture In Your Birthday Briefs?

By Kion Sanders

Wyclef, Wyclef, Wyclef. I – just like the next gym fanatic – can appreciate a good look-at-me, I-work-out photo but seeing you in some briefs on a Ducati warranted a nice “WTF!” For those of you who missed it, a few hours ago, Clef tweeted out a birthday pic of himself “looking and feeling 26.” To him, that meant showing his 2.8-million Twitter followers his nice physique.

To everyone else, it was a “what is Clef smoking?” kind of moment. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m probably one of the biggest Clef fans around but this photo caught me off guard.

As someone who’s 25 (with a little beer belly), I have to give you your props and would be happy to steal your workout routine. I’m going to sit here and wait on your next tweet because there has to be a good reason this pic left your phone and made it to the Internet. And, please tell me why the Turtle Wax is on your chest and not the bike? Nah, we’re messing around – enjoy your birthday, bro. Eff the haters.