Wiz Khalifa's Cabin Fever 2 Mixtape: Fan Reviews

Wiz Khalifa dropped his Cabin Fever 2 mixtape on Tuesday (October 16) to hold over his Taylors until O.N.I.F.C. arrives on December 4, and although the tape hasn't been out for a full 24 hours just yet, fans have already given their early reviews. As usual, it's a mixed bag.

Reviews via Twitter:

@AmbitiousMix Cabin Fever 2 is alright, not something I'd say is the best but it'll do.

@Jasaan318  I Haven't Skipped A Song Yet On Cabin Fever 2

@BoiGenius15  This Cabin Fever 2 is about to be the sound track for a while

@KAMAcosby Cabin fever 2 is pure trash

@ZMCFLY This Cabin Fever 2 Mixtape Weak I Miss That Old Wiz Back in 07 When Nobody Knew Who He Was Smh

@ShawnSemp I'm seven tracks into Cabin Fever 2 and I'm def gonna DL it. You know what your getting with Wiz and you either like it or you don't.

?@OMGitz_JAZZY  Cabin Fever 2 is the best mixtape out right now, has to be !

@UneekJay7  Cabin fever 2 was weak af! I was excited too ????

?@keithscratch Cabin Fever 2 is super clean on the beats.

?@G0RGE0USSDEEE  Honestly cabin fever 2 is not that good

@OGRAFFLES  Cabin fever 2 was ight...wiz can do whatever he wants doe he da man

@AVO_TMW  Damn.... this Cabin Fever 2 riding!

@ACY1: Cabin Fever 2 is a solid Mixtape