Joe Budden And The Rej3ctz Dropping By 'RapFix Live'

Joe Budden isn't wasting any time. The New Jersey rhyme animal and his group of rap assassins, Slaughterhouse, dropped their Shady Records debut Welcome To: Our House in August, and already, Jumpoff Joe is gearing up to release his next solo mixtape, A Loose Quarter. But before that, he will be sitting on the "RapFix Live" couch with Sway this Wednesday.

The last time Slaughterhouse hit "RapFix," Joey was a no-show, but this time, expect the celebrated spitter to break down his involvement with the group's LP, his solo tape, his upcoming album No Love Lost and his and girlfriend Kaylin Garcia's role on the VH1 reality series "Love & Hip Hop."

"People hear 'Love & Hip Hop,' and they automatically think buffoonery," Joe told Hot 97 radio host Angie Martinez during an interview earlier this month. "I'm not gonna let VH1 depict me in a way that I'm unsatisfied. ... I don't conform in the music business, I'm not gonna conform for TV."

Also, expect Budden to speak on his latest single, "She Don't Put It Down Like You," which features both Lil Wayne and R&B singer Tank.

Joey isn't the only "RapFix" guest. MoWii, Pee W33 and Bounc3 of the Los Angeles group the Rej3ctz will also walk onto the show to talk about the success surrounding their phenomenal "Cat Daddy" single as well as what they have coming up next.

"RapFix" fans can also expect to get caught up on the latest news and discover up-and-coming talent on our Get in the Game segment.

Catch Joe Budden and the Rej3ctz on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on "RapFix Live," on, and be sure to join the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #RapFixLive. Send your questions for the artists @MTVRapFix!

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