Mixtape Daily: Boaz Scores On Bases Loaded

Mixtape Daily Main Pick

Headliner: Boaz

Representing: Pittsburgh

Mixtape: Bases Loaded

Real Spit: Pittsburgh is proven, but while Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller have already carved out their own rap lanes, Boaz is well on his way to making his own mark.

After signing with Rostrum Records in June, Bo immediately went to work, and on September 28, the street-based spitter dropped Bases Loaded, his first project on the super-successful indie label. "I think it was just a definitive moment in my career," Boaz told Mixtape Daily of his deal with Rostrum. "The stars were aligning, and I just wanted that responsibility of taking it to the next level to be on me. Everything around me is just solid. I'm loving the way things are going right now. The bases are loaded."

Boaz sets Bases Loaded off properly by tossing a nod to Pittsburgh's beloved sports nation. "Goin' hard like Roethlisberger in the fourth, but this a blood sport," the hardened MC spits, referencing the Pittsburgh Steelers' star quarterback on the tape's opener, "Prime Time."

While Wiz conquers radio and Mac Miller thrills the college set, Boaz plays to his strengths, speaking directly to the block. On "Gettin' After That Money," he bypasses stocks and bonds and keeps his eye on the more risky drug trade. For all its hustling imagery, the Statik Selektah-produced "9 to 5" is relatable to anyone who gets up to go to work every day. "And these felonies done f---ed with my employment/ But I can't let that f--- with my enjoyment, I can't afford it," he spits on the soul-drenched loop.

Bo links with Taylor Gang's Chevy Woods on "Pimpin'," producers ID Labs on "Love Me for That" and Mac Miller on "Everything," so his hometown is well-represented. Still, while all his Pittsburgh homeys are well-positioned and ready to score, with Bases Loaded, Boaz hits one out of the park.

Joints to Check For

» "Gettin' After That Money" (featuring Wiz Khalifa) - "It really just came about by grindin', bein' on tour, lettin' things manifest and just really having my career come to fruition. Seeing some paper actually rollin' in."

» "Stay Down" - "It just came about. It was one of those fire tracks I got. ... As soon as I heard it, I was like, 'Yeah, I'm about to go in on this.' "

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