Mac Miller Decides On Title For Second Album

By Rob Markman

Mac Miller made a splash on the charts with his independent debut Blue Slide Park, and now he's in the planning stages for his sophomore project, revealing the album title this weekend.

"My Sophomore Album Title Is: Watching Movies With The Sound Off," Miller tweeted on Sunday. "Feels good to have that title out."

Mac has yet to release any music from the LP, which is due out next year, but during a show in Los Angeles earlier this month, Miller performed the Diplo-produced "Goosebumps," which is slated to be on Watching Movies. The ramped-up first single finds Mac speed-rapping over a frantic, riot-starting instrumental.

In addition to dropping the album title, Miller revealed that he will not only be doing work in the booth, but he will also be jumping behind the boards on the upcoming album. "i'm doing a lot of production on Watching Movies," he tweeted, also giving credit to his frequent collaborator Big Jerm from ID Labs. "i want to show love to @bigjerm412 it is because of the music we made together that i thought of Watching Movies With The Sound Off."

Before Mac drops his second official album, he and Pharrell Williams will be dropping their collaborative Pink Slime EP before the year is out. "We have like 10 or 11 records done, but I can't finish it yet, I can't say it's finished," Mac told MTV News back in August. "Schedules are so crazy."

When Watching Movies does drop, Mac says he isn't looking to duplicate BSP's success. "Making history was awesome; I don't care about that with this album. I don't care if we go #1, I don't care about selling records," he said. "That sh-- is awesome, but this album, I just need to do something different."

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