Machine Gun Kelly ('Chef Boy R Kells') Makes Grilled Cheese With Iron

By Colin Greten

In this installment of “Afterschool Snack” Machine Gun Kelly aka “Chef Boy R Kells” teaches us all the art of making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich via Buzzworthy. While this may seem simple MGK puts his own twist on it for all those little boys and girls who do not have access to a stove or microwave. Instead Chef Boy R Kells (as he calls himself throughout the video) uses a simple household iron to prepare his favorite snack. Check out the video and learn how to make MGK’s “Afterschool Snack” after the jump.

“The Iron Man” as MGK calls it is a revolutionary take on boring conventional grilled cheese. As he butters the iron to keep the bread from sticking and references world renowned chef Emeril Lagasse, Chef Boy R Kellz is surprisingly professional despite his hilarious demeanor. That is until he drips the hot butter all over his arm.

Kelly shakes off the possible burn on his arm and puts not four but five slices of cheese on his newly golden brown bread because “that’s how a real man does it.” But wait, this all sounds like regular grilled cheese just made in a more ghetto way, right? Wrong. MGK adds his secret ingredient, Nachos Cheese Doritos to the sandwich to give it an affordable (“thirty five cents”) crunch. This sandwich is not complete without a drink though, but don’t worry Machine Gun Kelly has it covered as he throws together a fresh batch of Kool-Aid to wash it all down. This is the perfect “Afterschool Snack” for all the young rapper/rock stars out there who “don’t do healthy” like MGK, just as long as they’re not in ironless European hotel rooms.