Search Of Nelly's Tour Bus Turns Up Heroin, Loaded Gun

By Kara Warner

Musician running into trouble with cops for illegal substances on their tour bus is nothing new, but Nelly' had a particularly rough time on Thursday (October 11), when his tour bus was searched in Texas and cops found heroin, marijuana and a loaded weapon.

According to a press release from local police sent to MTV News, the "Hot in Herre" rapper was detained Wednesday night during a routine search at a border-patrol checkpoint in the town of Sierra Blanca, Texas. The bus search was conducted after a police dog detected the presence of drugs.

The officers at the scene found 0.64 ounces of heroin distributed among 36 small plastic bags, more than 10 pounds of marijuana and a loaded .45-caliber pistol. A man named Brian Keith Jones reportedly admitted that the illegal items were his and was subsequently arrested. Nelly was eventually let go, along with the five other individuals who were on the bus at the time.

Coincidentally enough, the Sierra Blanca checkpoint has been in the news several times before the Nelly tour bus raid, thanks to a slew of celebrities who've passed through with illegal substances onboard. It is the same spot where Willie Nelson, Armie Hammer, Snoop Dogg and, most recently, Fiona Apple were arrested for drug possession.