First Date With Juicy J: Marijuana-Inspired Halloween Outfits

('First Date' with Juicy J)

By Rya Backer

Back in ’09 when my buddy Steven and I were first dreaming up "First Date," I had a few dream dates that I hoped, in due time, I could nab. For reasons that need no explanation, Juicy J was definitely on that preliminary list. The Academy Award winning rapper/reality TV star/Trippy enthusiast was an artist I wanted to get to know on a level outside of what the standard music interview questions would have afforded – because as he’d surely agree, there’s so much more to this man apart from his music.

Upon meeting him to go Halloween costume shopping at Halloween Adventure, I made J (that’s what he likes being called, FYI) very aware of my knowledge of his discography (if you guys like this video, perhaps I’ll put up a clip that ended up on the cutting room floor in which I asked if there’s anything he can say no to); his Twitter feed (our initial plan for the "First Date" was for him to take me shopping at a high-end store as I was so obsessed with a Tweet of his that read “ladies, let me spoil you for a month”… which he wrote in July); and his Instagram account (I complimented him on his Louis Vuitton jacket once he arrived and suggested it would go well with the new scarf and hat purchase that he’d shared online). It’s one of those irrational obsessions. I can’t explain it, but you guys have those, too, right!? Right?

Luckily, rather than take the sensible action and file a restraining order after what I’d presented, he was flattered and enthusiastic to start the search for the perfect costume – which, ironically, had to be blurred out of the final cut for Standards and Practices purposes. But rest assured, if you see a tall guy walking down the street wearing a metallic marijuana leaf on Halloween night, it may just be my new, trippy friend finally taking a break from work to celebrate the holiday we helped prepare for.