Rick Ross' Black Bar Mitzvah Mixtape Touches On Bet Hip-Hop Awards Fight

By Rob Markman

Rick Ross' latest mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah has already gotten a negative review from Shyne, but the MMG boss isn't shying away from the controversy, even touching on his recent scuffle at the BET Hip-Hop Awards on one of the new tracks.

Don't put me on Forbes no more my n---a if I'm not next to the Maloufs or Tony Nguyen or dem n---as that own Vegas," Rozay boasts on the tape's intro before he shouts out his Jewish partners and multiple business endeavors.

Rozay usually treats his mixtape efforts with the same care as his albums. Projects like The Albert Anastasia EP, Ashes to Ashes and this year's extravagant Rich Forever were ripe with original Ross hits like "B.M.F (Blowin' Money Fast)" and "Stay Schemin'," but onThe Black Bar Mitzvah the Bawse goes in a different direction, choosing to rock over the instrumentals of others.

While Black Bar Mitzvah doesn't provide a ton of new moments, it has definite gems. Ross addresses his BET Hip-Hop Awards run-in with Young Jeezy on "Gone to the Moon." "I be at these awards, I still be living by rules/ So when I run into dudes you know we thumpin' and move/ The parking lot, go to poppin', N---as say when they floppin'/ Let me get back to my bitches 'cause you bitch n---as ain't nothing," he rhymes without saying any names.

On "Don't Like" the Miami MC flows over the G.O.O.D. Music remix to Chief Keef's well-treaded breakout single, mixing his new verse with Kanye West's previously heard vocals. The formula remains pretty much consistent throughout. On "Birthday," Rozay tackles 2 Chainz's single to speak on his hustler's ambition. "Time to get the money Steve Forbes got/ I'm slowly climbing up to Lyor's spot," Ross spits referencing the Forbes Magazine EIC and decorated music mogul Lyor Cohen.

Ross' homey Drake shows up on a remix to Lil Reese's "Us" and MMG newcomer Rockie Fresh lends a hand on "Mercy" and "Clique." For the "Presidential" remix, Ross revisits his God Forgives, I Don't, this time making way for a brand-new hook from producer Pharrell Williams. "The time is hours, it's really hours/ Take off the 'H,' it's really ours," Skateboard boasts.

Still Rozay isn't only concerned with his accomplishments. With constant shout out and reminders of Meek Mill's October 30 release date for Dreams and Nightmares the rotund rapper looks to uplift his team as well. He even includes his Philadelphia protégé's new single "Young & Getting It" as a bonus track. After all, a boss is one who guarantees we gon' eat, L'Chaim!

What's your favorite track from Rick Ross' The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape?

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