Pharrell Assists David Blaine With Electrocution Stunt

By Miranda Johnson

Illusionist David Blaine is now incorporating hip-hop into his mind-blowing stunts. Blaine called upon super producer Pharrell Williams to act as an assistant in his latest act “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On,” which was staged at Pier 54 in New York.

Performing a task that's quite familiar to him, Pharrell took on the role as pianist in Blaine's performance. However, the trick was that each time Pharrell struck a key, one million volts of electricity were zapped into Blaine’s body. “Now here’s something I never thought I could make a keyboard do…” tweeted The Neptunes producer shortly after the show.

Skateboard P was just a small portion of DB's illusion act though, as the daredevil actually spent a total of 3 days sustaining the electrical currents. Only having a chainmail bodysuit protecting him and balancing on a tiny platform, it's a wonder he pulled that one off.

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