Jay-Z's Barclays Concerts Inspire Live In Brooklyn EP

By Gil Kaufman

Remember when Jay-Z took the train to his final show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night, then brought Beyonce to the stage? Just checking. Hov's final surprise was his plan to release an eight-song EP titled Live in Brooklyn.

Jigga announced the quick turnaround digital EP on Saturday with a tweet encouraging fans to pre-order the collection, which will drop just three days after the final beats rang out from the stage of the $1 billion arena. As of Monday morning (October 8), the iTunes store listed no specific tracks, but showed eight songs and eight accompanying videos.

Saturday night's final Barclays show was live-streamed on YouTube, more than a week after Jay kicked open the doors? on the new venue on September 29, paving the way for upcoming gigs by Justin Bieber, Barbra Streisand and Rihanna, as well as home games for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets.

While the string of concerts mostly featured a solo Jay running through his deep catalog of hits and paying tribute to his borough of choice, he gave fans a rare treat during Saturday's finale when he brought out? none other than wife Beyoncé.

Check Beyoncé out onstage with her man Jay-Z at Barclays

After running through the couple's duet " '03 Bonnie & Clyde" by his lonesome, Jiggaman made way for wifey, who came stomping out to the tune of her 2008 single "Diva." Flanked by a number of dances, Bey who rocked black leather shorts and a matching Brooklyn Nets cap strutted across stage before launching into the crowd favorite "Crazy in Love."

The BK fans weren't the only ones in awe. Jay, who dipped backstage for a spell, missed his "Crazy in Love" cue, so when it was time to spit his verse, his better half picked up the slack rapping, "Young Hova, y'all know the flow is loco."

Hov would later admit that he got so wrapped up watching Bey from the monitors backstage that he forgot he was supposed to come out to rhyme. "Oh sh-- I should probably rap here," Jay later explained of his mental lapse.