50 Cent, Gunplay Video Footage From Bet Awards Fight Surfaces

By Rob Markman

As the days go by, more and more bits of footage from Gunplay's scuffle with G-Unit at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards continues to surface. The latest shoes 50 Cent in the vicinity as the melee goes down.

In the clip that was unearthed by WorldstarhipHop.com, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Mike Knox and several other members of G-Unit can be seen walking past some trailers backstage at Saturday's awards show in Atlanta. All is seemingly calm until the crew butts head with Maybach Music's Gunplay, whom they immediately begin to attack. It's difficult to tell who is who in the shaky amateur footage, but Gunplay is clearly being beaten by a number of men before he is able to get up and retaliate.

During a Philadelphia radio interview earlier this week, G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox gave his account of the story and maintained that though 50 Cent was in the area, he wasn't involved in the fray. In the newly released video, it is unclear whether Fif threw a punch or not. Gunplay didn't implicate 50 either, instead saying that it was the rapper's bodyguards who attacked him. "I stood up in the paint, like a real G supposed to, with five bodyguards that's trained to kill a human," the Miami rapper said in a radio interview with Power 105's Breakfast Club morning show in New York.

Everyone has been weighing in on the beef it seems. Even though rapper T.I. did not witness the scuffle, he attributed the violence to pride and bravado. "I didn't even know about the fight," T.I. said in an interview with KTLA. "Men everywhere, we have huge egos and lots of pride. I don't know that particular incident personally, but most fights that I hear about, it's about pride and ego."

On Wednesday, Machine Gun Kelly, who was close enough to the Gunplay brawl to get pepper spray in his eyes, commended Gunplay for fighting back against immeasurable odds. "That mother---er Gunplay got balls, man," he said on "RapFix Live." "What do you expect for him to whoop on five huge dudes, whose job it is to whoop on mother---ers? If one of them came after me, I'ma get my ass whooped, but I still got balls."

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