Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Fans Get Involved In 'Idol' Argument

(Nicki Minaj says 'American Idol' gig is a 'milestone')

Boy, things are starting to get ugly. A leaked video has found Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey getting into a heated argument on the set of "American Idol," and although some skeptics still waiting for producers to fess up about their publicity stunt, fans of both singers have been warring on Twitter.

Update: Mariah Carey Increases Security After Being 'Threatened' By Minaj On 'Idol' Set

Rumors of tension between the two divas began just days after Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban were confirmed as the season's two final judges, and while Carey dismissed it as hearsay, the new, explosive video sent fans reeling.

Carey's loyal Lambs have been duking it out with Nicki Minaj's die-hard Barbz on Twitter. "Mariah Carey made a name for herself in the music industry. Nicki Minaj simple used Lil Kim's name," @Brian_Bee wrote, while @JamesAls0padded, "200+ million albums eats everything you've touched. That goes for anyone who's ever tried to come for her. so silly."

Some fans were fierce in their defense of Carey, aiming comments directly at Nicki's legions. @Stardusth2o wrote, "Ya know, we're called lambs, but we will turn into WOLVES to defend Mariah. You seriously can't come for her. You just can't. You can't win," and @TeamMariah327chimed in with, "These Nicki fans are PATHETIC! Um, LOOK at your idol! PLASTIC. FAKE. B*TCH. Ya'll need some RESPECT for a LEGEND!"

Some of them even predicted a fallout from the battle. "*Waits for @AmericanIdol to fire Nicki and then refer to her as a "guest judge" when they air the first few auditions*,"@breakdown84 wrote.

Though the criticism was harsh, Nicki Minaj's fans certainly had her back. "@NICKIMINAJ I support you!!! Working next to Mariah must be STRESSING," @MrMarzoa wrote, with fellow barbz like ?@TeamMinaj_4Life shared similar sentiments, adding, "I Support And Respect Anything You Do. I Adore You Unconditionally."

The die-hards will not be straying from their queen — @JayLovesONIKAwrote, "I Love Nicki Minaj & I Will Defend Her EVERY Decision" — but there were a few fans in the middle who simply wanted the battle to be a thing of the past. "I cant believe i just heard two my best woman i like agrue on american idol im disappointed at my mom nicki minaj and my mentor mariah carey," @KenBarb_Nasty noted, clearly upset.

Neither Nicki Minaj nor Mariah Carey have publicly commented on the video.

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