Mixtape Daily: Roscoe Dash Shows Fruits Of His Labor On 2.0

By Rob Markman

Main Pick

Headliner: Roscoe Dash

Representing: Atlanta, Georgia

Mixtape: 2.0

Real Spit: Roscoe Dash sure knows his way around the studio. The 22-year-old rapper/producer came into the game making hits since 2009's "All the Way Turnt Up." Since the Atlanta hip-hop stand-out supplied the game with plenty of unforgettable moments like on Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands" and Big Sean's "Marvin & Chardonnay."

Now, after releasing his debut EP J.U.I.C.E. in December 2011, Scoe is ready to take things up a level higher with his latest mixtape 2.0.Granted Dash's tape was released back in August, but 2.0's quality contributes to its long-lasting appeal.

"With the release of this project right here, there's so much in it, it's so much that comes with it because I put so much effort and so much time into it," Roscoe told Mixtape Daily. "I literally lived [in the studio] for a month or two months, straight, every day."

The hitmaker's dedication is apparent throughout. The appropriately titled "Hard Work" puts it all in perspective. "Hard work pays off it takes time to progress/ Life's full of ups and downs and I ain't settling for less," he spits on the closing track.

While many artists use mixtapes to push out songs that didn't quite make their albums, Roscoe dishes out well-crafted hits and potential hit singles. The sleepy strip ode "Guilty Pleasure," with its harmonious hook and piano-laden track, is primed for radio. "Zodiak Sign" with Lloyd is another winner thanks to its soulful sample, catchy chorus and PG lyrics.

It isn't all clean cut however, "Don't Give a F---" is a gem that mixes Texas' syrupy sound with the booty bass sound of the 1990s. Roscoe calls in 2 Chainz to reinforce the video game-inspired "Like Diz" and French Montana shows up for the X-rated "MoWet."

As a hitmaker, Roscoe Dash is severely underrated, but when it's all said and done, 2.0 should go a long way in putting the ATLien where he is supposed to be, at the top of the game.

Joints to Check For

» "It's My Party": "The reason why I chose Lil Jon is because I been knowing him for such a long time. He's the King of Crunk so I felt like it wouldn't be any other way to go about making a party record... The homey MGK, I just recently met him a couple of months back and he's probably one of my favorite people."

» "Zodiak Sign": "I guess the reason why I like this is because I love the women. It just kinda goes hand in hand with that."

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