Rihanna Shares Childhood Photos While Visting Grandad In Brooklyn

via Rihanna Twitter

By Miranda Johnson

Although Rihanna recently suffered the loss of her Grandma Dolly, she's definitely being remembered on social media. On Monday (October 1) the pop star stopped in Brooklyn to visit her grandpa and decided to tweet a few photos of her late “gran gran” while also slipping in a few cute shots of herself.

“I’m back at #grangrandollys for the first time without her going through her stuff," tweeted the singer as she was looking through her grandma’s family photo collection. Before also sending out a few old photos of herself, Rih tear jerked fans with an intimate book of newspaper clipping her proud grandma kept throughout the journey of her career.

The highlight of Rihanna’s Twitter session was the two throwback photos she added in of herself. “Me and Gma, I was like 17”,"read the caption paired with the photo of a younger but still extremely attractive Rihanna and Dolly. Next posted was the cutest of them all, a photo of an adorable dress sporting kid Rih. Joined by her mom and her brother after what looked like a church service, it was clear she had just as must personality then as she does now.

Last Thursday, along with J. Cole, Lyor Cohen and Hov's family, Rihanna was also in Brooklyn last week helping Jay-Z open up the brand new 40/40 club in the Barclays center. The opening came just a night before Jigga christened the Barclays with the first of seven shows.

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