Nicki Minaj Shows Off Natural Hair Hidden Under Colorful Wigs

Nicki Minaj Twitter

By Meghan Gorman

Nicki Minaj never fails to shock the world with her fashion choices, including the vibrant wigs that she's notorious for. The YMCMB rapper and "American Idol" judge rocks wigs of all different colors, lengths and styles but this week she decided to give her barbz a look at her natural hair on Twitter.

Minaj tweeted: “2 braids left” with a picture of her surprisingly long, brown hair that she has braided to go under her wigs. Her loyal fans and Twitter followers did not lack in reaction, since they finally got to see what’s under those crazy wigs. Some reactions to the picture included: “AHHHHH!!!!!!!! You got major hang time!!!” and “OMG your hair is so long!!” Then, Nicki followed with another tweet: “No chemicals. No perm," which enthused fans even more.

Some of her barbz told her that she doesn’t need to wear wigs with that beautiful hair. Will Nicki be ditching the wigs anytime soon to show off her luscious locks? Probably not, but at least we know she’s not bald!

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