Game Gets Into Fight At Lil Wayne's Birthday Party

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Not everyone had a great time at Lil' Wayne's recent birthday party. The "Project XXX" soiree in Hollywood on Thursday night was thrown in honor of Weezy turning the big 3-0 but according to TMZ, it was no party for Game. Reportedly, Game was provoked by rapper 211 who approached him with tough-talk.

"We're told things escalated and the smack-talking turned into an all out fight ... which ended with Game allegedly punching 211," shared the news site.

TMZ obtained video of Game seemingly arguing with bouncers and being led out of the club while "Mercy" blared in the background. Game refuted being kicked out of the club by tweeting "kicked out ? Yall funny !" to TMZ.

The rapper did however share bits and pieces of the incident via social media. When asked how many punches it took to knock out 211, he tweeted earlier on Saturday, "honestly 3. 1st one floored em' he was down 30 secs then caught 2 more." He then shared, "Man, I'm bout to 40 glocc these Frosted Flakes... 211 these Eggo waffles & Rass Kass these grapes !!! N----" and "I was standing over you while you was faced down & coulda "Compton Stomped" you..... But I aint shady so I let you up & 2 pieced you again."

211 denied the beat down. "That n---- a mark! On PIRU He ain't knock nobody out!" he tweeted, though he did not reply Game directly.