Jay-Z Kicks Off Barclays Concerts In Brooklyn: A Live Blog

The moment has finally arrived. Jay-Z is helping to launch Brooklyn's new Barclays Center with a series of 8 concerts and on Friday night (September 28) Hov gets the party started with his first show. RapFix will be live-blogging and tweeting from the show, so stick with us for details if you can't make it out tonight.

Earlier this week Jay told MTV News that he was hoping to make Brooklyn proud. "I really hope it's just a celebration," he said. "Pretty much all the concerts are loud and sing-a-longs, but I hope that this is a special thing. It's pretty much a celebration of having a team in Brooklyn — you know, again, everybody knows we hadn't had a team since the Dodgers, so it's really a happy time in Brooklyn."

11:44 pm: Be Sure to check MTVNews.com for a full recap and fan reaction from Jay-Z's first Brooklyn show at the Barclays! Peace!

11:43 pm: Jay-Z closed it out, looks like he got kind of emotional on "Young Forever." It was beautiful! Thank you guys for rocking out.

11:21 pm: Kane brought Scoob & Scrap, did all the old dance moves, now Hov is back doing "Clique" from Cruel Summer!

11:13 pm: Amazing Jay-Z just brought out THE LEGEND BIG DADDY KANE! He's doin "Aint No Half Steppin."

10:55 pm: Now Jay-Z is doing the "Encore" fake out. Too many hustlers in Brooklyn, no way this is the last song of the night! We know better.

10:50 pm: Jay doin "Hard Knock Life" Tomorrow's the anniversary for Vol. 2!! Check MTVNews.com tomorrow EXCLUSIVE HOV INTERVIEW.

10:30 pm: Wow Jay-Z is doing "Marcyville" only TRUE Hov fans know this one.

10:27 pm: "On the can-o-py, my sta-min-a be enough for Pamela Anderson Lee, M-T-V Jam Of The Week" Hov is killing "Big Pimpin.'"

10:20 pm: Jay-Z at Barclays rocking the new Brooklyn Nets Jersey. #4 says Carter on the back. "Empire State."

10:05 pm: Jay-Z just did a brand new rhyme for Barclays. "I got shooters on my team/NO REALLY I got shooters on my team/ Juan or Derron... Pick a arm."

9:54 pm: Woooow Jay-Z is performing a cover of Biggie's "Kick in the Door" and now he's doing "Juicy."

9:48 pm: Jay-Z has taken the stage in Brooklyn. First Song?!? "Where I'm From" OF COURSE!

9:42 pm: The Barclays is getting antsy. Brooklyn is chanting "Hova, Hova." No Jay-Z yet, but the DJ is playing Rihanna's "Diamonds." Great Song!

8:56 pm: Maaaan Lil Cease just got on the mic to say a few words! Junior M.A.F.I.A. maaaan.

8:42 pm: Wooooow the whole Barclays is singing "Warning" I got chills. BIG should be here, damn.

8:35 pm: Uh oh Mister Cee just started things off with a Biggie Set! It's gonna be a great night.