Kanye West Reveals Cruel Summer Inspired Zanotti Heels

Kanye West Twitter

By Carolyn Amurao

Breaking news: Kanye West tweeted another photo of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Actually that’s not true, although we wouldn’t have been surprised since his voluptuous lady dominates his recent images. The rapper/producer, in fact, tweeted a photo of a pair of women’s heels that Italian footwear designer Giuseppe Zanotti crafted in honor of G.O.O.D. Music album, Cruel Summer.

We get a real-life shot of the limited edition heels thanks to Brooklyn-raised rapper Theophilus London, who tweeted last Sunday: “So apparently there is a women’s heel dedicated to good music Cruel Summer album." Kanye retweeted London, who captured the heels via Instagram while attending Milan Fashion Week.

The ornate, strappy heels are inspired by the all-white, feather plumes on Cruel Summer’s album cover. We don’t how much they cost yet, but considering Kanye’s previous collaboration with Zanotti we’re guessing they’ll be pretty pricey. In his first spring/summer 2012 collection which debuted last fall, the fashion minded rapper displayed a Zanotti-designed pair of heels that retailed for $5800 – but those were intricately embellished with pearls and beads.

Are these glossy heels the only piece of fashion dedicated G.O.O.D. Music’s latest project? Because Cruel Summer could make an interesting concept for an entire collection...maybe?