Lil B Trying Out For NBA's Golden State Warriors

By Ade Mangum(@HollywoodAde)

We've seen this time and time again. Secretly, all rappers want to be athletes and all athletes want to be rappers. There have been several rappers that are known for their ballin' skills. Master P had a brief career with the Toronto Raptors and Charlotte Hornets, his son Romeo played at USC, and even Rick Ross posted video of himself showing off his jumpshot. Now joining to the list, Lil B will try out for the Golden State Warriors.

The "Based God" went to Twitter to express his interest in pursuing a career in the NBA. "I wanna let you know ima be trying out for the nba golden state warriors in october lets stay #based and positive, " he wrote earlier this week.  He, in fact, may be serious about donning a Warriors jersey. As of late, he has been tweeting a lot about his athleticism. He recently called out Oklahoma City captain, Kevin Durant on Twitter, saying, "This is the second time KD backed down playing one on one game with Lil B Keep it forellllaa i dont no who really bout that hoop li."

After not getting the response he wanted he tweeted, "If u serious bout dat hoop or nba DM me". If Lil B makes the cut, he'll finally get his chance to see Durant on the court.

Lil B has been known to stir up his share of controversy via social media. Last year, he made the announcement that his album would be titled I'm Gay. The rapper received as much praise as ridicule. Fans questioned whether he would actually release the album, and he was true to his word, releasing I'm Gay (I'm Happy) in June 2011. We can gather that when Lil B posts a promise on twitter...he will follow through. If he makes the cut, one can only imagine the legions of fans sporting the royal blue and golden yellow jersey with "Based God" printed on the back.