Controversy Aside, Lupe Fiasco Gives Back To America

By Alexis Tirado

It’s been a busy week for Lupe Fiasco. First he dropped his new album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1, then he stopped by "RapFix Live" to talk about his new album and reveal why he won’t pledge allegiance to the U.S.Flag. The Chicago rapper is indeed controversial but he also gives back to our country. How so? Lu is an active participant in World Up, an org that's dedicated to using music around the world to empower youth.

Through music they teach students about important issues such as global issues, literacy and social responsibility. World Up is all about “cultivating creativity,” explained Lupe to MTV Act.

The conscious rapper may not be campaigning for Obama (or any presidential candidates for that matter) but he is most definitely campaigning for World Up. The non-profit recently received a $25,000 grant to run an afterschool program. In order for them to receive this grant they need to match it by…midnight! So far they have raised about $21,500 but they still need to raise over $3,000 to make their afterschool dreams come true. Check out their campaign online and even if you can donate a dollar it’ll make a difference. Maybe if we all donate to this campaign, we’ll convince Lupe that a dollar can make a difference as can a vote on Election Day.