Kreayshawn’s Debut Something 'Bout Kreay Sells 4K In First Week

By Miranda Johnson

After getting such a boost into the limelight after her viral hit “Gucci Gucci” some fans thought that Kreayshawn’s debut album would help her carry on, but first week album sales for Somethin' 'Bout Kreay first week aren't looking too good.

Only selling a total of 3,900 units in the past week, the pint-sized emcee definitely has her work cut out for her within the next few weeks. Hopefully the push of the right single may help boost the sales, which landed her at No. 104 on the Billboard 200.

Earlier this summer the Oakland rapper told MTV News that with this album her goal isn’t to prove anything, but simply to just be herself. "It's just ... when I was in the head space of making the album I didn't wanna make an album that's like, 'This is me proving to everyone that I'm actually the best,'"  she said. "This is just me proving that I'm myself. This is the music that I like, and I'm gonna replicate the music that I like and put my own spin on it and put a little Bay Area in it."

And if you’re wondering how Kreayshawn is feeling about all this, she's not really sweating the Twitter comments. “Im so confused right now. Why is everyone so concerned with me? I think I'm just really popular,” tweeted the “Go Hard” rapper in response to her critics.