Lil Wayne Can't Control 'Psychic' Abilities In Court Video

By Rob Markman

Lil Wayne is a God-fearing man. Don’t just take our word for it, peep the “Fear” and “God” tattoos that Weezy has on his left and right eyelids. Still, Weezy relationship with the lord goes deeper than just some ink.

During a filmed June deposition where the superstar rapper was questioned in connection to his lawsuit against filmmaker Quincy Jones III, Wayne remained largely uncooperative, but did profess his faith. TMZ obtained the footage and has been releasing it in segments.

Tunechi, who has filed a suit against Jones for using his music in his 2009 Wayne documentary "The Carter" combatted QDIII's attorney line of questioning with humor and irreverence. When the lawyer asked Weezy if he remembered who he first told about his distaste for the film the YMCMB cash cow caught amnesia. "No, I just told the people that handle those situations for me. ... I can't recall the names off top," he responded.

After some more probing the "A Milli" MC did give up some information. "The first person likely that would've been told by me would be God, because I tell him everything," Wayne said with a straight face.

When the lawyer, Pete Ross, asked for clarification, Wayne confirmed that he was talking about the God. "The man above," he stated.

Wayne, however, said he couldn't remember exactly what he had told God and that was how most of the deposition seemed to go. In the clips released earlier this week, the Grammy Award-winning artist chastised Jones' lawyer for asking what he felt were ridiculous questions, like when Ross asked if Wayne had interviewed with famed journalist Katie Couric, immediately after screening the interview in front of a judge. "Pete Ross, that's a stupid-ass question," Weezy fired before pointing to a television that appears off camera. "You just saw me on there giving an interview with her."

At other points during the deposition the rapper continued to be uncooperative while taunting Ross. "You know he can't save you, right?" he asks the lawyer, motioning to the judge. "In the real world, that guy right there, he can't save you in the real world." When Wayne continues to get annoyed, he eventually begins to blurt out "I don't know!" in response to questions that haven't been fully formed. When he's finally ordered to wait for the question, he adds, "I'm sorry that's my psychic, I'm sorry."

MTV News confirmed with Pete Ross on Tuesday that the footage, though edited, was from the actual deposition with Weezy but declined further comment, noting that the trial will begin in two weeks.

Not that any of this legal drama has kept the prolific rhymes slinger from the studio. is reporting that Tune's next album I Am Not a Human Being IIwill be released on November 13.