Bryan Leach Will Serve Two-Year Prison Sentence For Gun Charge

(Leach signed A$AP Rocky last year)
By Rob Markman

Hip-hop executive Bryan Leach is in hot water. On Monday (September 24), the heavyweight who once ran TVT Records and launched the careers of artists like Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins and Pitbull pleaded guilty to attempted gun possession in New York and could face two years in prison the New York Post reports.

Leach, who most recently signed A$AP Rocky to Polo Grounds Music was arrested in 2010 after police reportedly observed his Bentley swerving erratically in Manhattan’s West Side. After searching Leach’s vehicle police found a Kel-Tech handgun, which was loaded with hollow-tip bullets.

Originally the record exec was charged with two counts of weapons possession, but plead guilty to a reduced count of attempted weapons possession in the second degree. In addition to his prison-bid Leach will also have to serve a year and a half of probation once he is released.

Leach hasn’t officially been sentenced and he is being allowed to remain free until his November 8 hearing. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lewis Bart Stone warned Leach that he could wind up in jail for a total of seven years if he fails to cooperate with probation officials or if he doesn’t return to court for sentencing.

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