Diddy And Cassie Confirm Long-Rumored Relationship?

By Miranda Johnson

Although unofficially official for some time now, Diddy and Cassie are now tweeting their love for the world to see. Publicly wiping all doubts (if there were any) of them not being a couple away.

Captioned “.love.him.” on Sunday evening Cassie tweeted out a shirtless photo of her beau, making her and Diddy’s private relationship now a publicly known fact. We're guessing Diddy must have also been feeling the love last night as he later Instagrammed a photo of Cassie writing, “I’m a very lucky man #knowthat." A simple statement finally confirming their 5-year rumored romance to be true.

Although photographed on several occasions together, most frequently this summer, the couple has never come forth to claim each other in the public light. Now that they seem to be finally making known what many have been keen to for years, maybe all the subliminal referrals will stop.

Speaking of photos, Cassie has an uber sexy spread in the upcoming October issue of GQ magazine. Amidst her seductive poses atop bleachers, the fashion forward singer tells GQ, "I'm just a laid-back person. "Maybe laid-back to a fault."