UK Video Of The Week: Squeeks Ft. Lonsdale Boys Club - 'I Got You' (SB.TV Jam Sessions)

By Joseph "JP" Patterson

Artist Name: Squeeks

Location: London, UK

Musical Style:Laid-back, yet thought-provoking rap music from a guy who sounds like no other.

Ever since he dropped Big Squeeko at the start of the year, north London’s Squeeks has been putting in that much-needed work to stand alongside UK rap’s finest. When I first came across the rapper, it was like a breath of fresh air. His gravely tone and effortless flow instantly stood out for me – lyrical content aside. Although Shyne and Ja Rule comparisons flew around for a hot minute (yes, I know what you're thinking), the Islington representative has since proven that he’s in his own unique lane.

Underground artists can have one hit track, with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube to prove it, and still come out at the back of it with no solid fanbase. When Squeeks put out his free Call Me Squeeko mixtape, that was when he started to see a real increase in true, loyal fans. The 14-track, well-constructed piece of work showed the rapper in a star-like light, intelligently sharing his love for both the street life and the ladies. Bad Boy’s French Montana seemed to also be a fan of the youngster’s work, as he asked Squeeks to perform at his London show a couple of months ago. Not bad for a newcomer, eh?

This week’s "UK Video Of The Week" comes from Squeeks and Lonsdale Boys Club, with I Got You. The luvvy-duvvey mixtape track gets a special acoustic reworking, courtesy of one of the UK’s brightest new bands, LBC, and SB.TV’s new Jam Sessions series...

RapFix’s "UK Video Of The Week" is a weekly column by UK-based music journalist, Joseph 'JP' Patterson, designed to give us a closer look at hip-hop across the pond. Stay tuned.