Missy Elliott Reveals Her Two Sons On 'RapFix Live'

During her visit to "RapFix Live" this week Missy Elliott chatted plenty about her upcoming album and her illustrious career in general, but then Sway wanted to know a little more about her personal life. He asked Missy whether she would ever consider settling down to have a family, prompting her to open up about her "two sons."

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“I got two little boys--ya’ll are hearing it for the first time here, two sons,” she told Sway. "For a moment everything was still in the studio while everyone tried to process what Missy had just said. But she only let it linger for a few seconds before adding, "two Yorkies," while laughing and noting that Twitter was probably going nuts from the news already. "Twitter done shut down," she said, confirming that she was just talking about her two dogs.

"I love kids but you know how you can take them back to their mom and dad when they get to actin up? Well I gave god kids that I love dearly and then when they start crying and going in the store and ripping down stuff cause they can’t get it, then you call they momma and they daddy and you good," she said.