Snoop Lion And Son Smoke Marijuana Together, Share Pictures

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The family that smokes together…stays together? Photos of Snoop Lion and his son, Corde Calvin Broadus, hitting the bong together have surfaced online. Corde or “Spanky” as he’s known, is no stranger to marijuana and much of his Instagram shows the youngster enjoying the drug.

The father/son bonding may have been heightened with Snoop’s new reincarnation as the Rastafarian Snoop Lion.

Last month, Snoop gathered friends, family and the media to announce his new project, Reincarnated, produced by Diplo and Major Lazer. The rapper also spoke at length about his evolution from a West Coast MC to the chilled out Snoop Lion. Snoop admitted he got tired of rap and wanted to try something different. It was that yearning that led him to Jamaica, where he recorded his new LP after he got a blessing from Bob Marley's family.

"Now he understands that I'm fully with it and I'm all in it to win it," Snoop said of Dre, who was initially confused by the transformation. "So he gets it, and I got his support. He just didn't understand it because I didn't explain it to him. I wasn't tryna keep it a secret; it just wasn't time to unveil until now."