Lady Gaga Teases ARTPOP With Rap Song 'Cake Like Lady Gaga'

By Carter Maness

With her upcoming album entitled ARTPOP on the way, Lady Gaga seems to be engaging in pranks that would make Andy Warhol, the father of the original pop art, proud. Yesterday, she apparently dropped a pitched-down slice of trap rap titled "Cake Like Lady Gaga" that confused fans before blowing their minds.

It all started with a prompt from Gaga and her producer DJ White Shadow. Shadow took to Twitter asking for a fan collaboration. "I just made this TRAP s---, so I am going to put it on my soundcloud. Then I am going to give everyone a couple hrs to make a song. You send it back to me and I will put the best one back out for the everyone to hear," he wrote. "Extra points for whoever writes a song about @ladygaga."

Well, the outcome was riddled with shock, hilarity and a bit of intrigue. Shadow, after saying the winner wanted to be anonymous, eventually posted his beat with an ignorant freestyle rap that's pitched-down in the style of Tyler, The Creator and has attitude-filled lyrics about "cake" and guns. Normal enough, we suppose, but then a fan pitched the vocals back up to a normal level and discovered that the rapper actually appeared to be Gaga.

And the result? Well, we're pretty sure Gaga will probably stick to pop music. If not, she could have a strong Internet career doing "based freestyles" in the style of Lil B.