Nas Is ‘A Poet,’ Nelly Furtado Gushes

By Jocelyn Vena

When Nelly Furtado needed a significant hip-hop appearance for her just-released new album, The Spirit Indestructible, the eccentric songstress looked no further than Nas. Because, according to her, why would you even bother looking for someone else to make a cameo if Nas is willing to?

"[Producer Salaam Remi] played me this beat and we did an English song, and we kept working together. And he's become a great friend and every girl or guy making pop records, sometimes when you love urban music, there's always room for a great hip-hop cameo. And I think everybody's first choice is always Nas, for many reasons,” she said of getting him to add some of his lyrical flair to “Something.” “And Salaam, you know, works with him so much that he said 'Oh, no problem'."

She then explained what makes Nas such a get. "And he sent Nas the track, he loved it. It wasn't until I was finally sending in my liner notes to the label and handing in my lyrics that I had to ask Salaam for Nas' rap... It's one thing listening to Nas rap, but then when you see his words on paper, you really see what a poet he is,” she gushed. “And I'm happy he's on the album."

The Spirit Indestructible hits the streets this week. It is her first English-language since she dropped her 2006 hit record, Loose.